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What is IDM and IDM Portable:IDM Portable

IDM portable is just like IDM the difference between standard IDM application and IDM Portable is, Portable As same as Normal IDM.But it has many advantages over traditional IDM.You need not do any survey to download you can download directly from the bottom of this page, and It produces a multithreaded association to the same file. Split that into components and begin to transfer parts at the same time.

How IDM download files very fastly:

IDM divides a file into many parts and downloads each and every file into many parts and download parts and merges them all to get a complete file. It also supports resume so that you can download big files without wasting bandwidth.

Supported Operating Systems:

  • Windows 10, Windows 8 .1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP and all versions of Windows
  • supports all Types of Files including, iso, Zip, Tar, RAR, gz and many other Exe files.

#Setup and Instructions

How to SetUp IDM for the first Time:

  1. Download IDM from Above link then Extract it To a folder where you want to download All files
  2. Now go to Extracted Folder And Run as Administrator IDMPortable.exe
  3. It automatically Creates desktop icon and add to Chrome, Firefox and auto download from chrome and firefox
  4. You can find all files in downloaded folder in IDM Portable
  5.  Enjoy IDM application and fast services.
  6. Never Update IDM application because updated version replaces IDM.

Download IDM Directly from OUR site

Download Now

#Final Words


I think this is the best choice to choose IDM portable no need to install this software in your system; you can copy these files to pen drive and then give administration then it automatically adds itself to chrome and firefox. If you face any problem in downloading the portable file Then please inform us so that we can update as soon as possible.Stay tuned for latest updates or tricks.


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