How to Avoid and Beware of Technology Addiction

We are on 21th Century, In our daily we use most of the gadgets and we can’t live without them. Everybody should aware and use these technology devices in our limits. If, not they so, will in trouble to face disorders. Have you ever thought of technology addiction i do some people stick into Facebook for hours together, they may not know that they are addicted, but we can get what’s wrong with him.

What could you only addict too?Technology Addiction

She is sharing her story when she has locked the mobile phone in the car. In observations, She had addicted to mobile phone and social media sites. We chat and speak more than human beings on mobile only. We are addicted to our man made gadgets How to overcome them all from.

Playing Video Games

Everyone like to play video games, but this is very dangerous and harmful our healthy life. When you addicted with this nobody can stop you. You have to understand yourselves. First, this is the dangerous situation. If you starting now just stop it and go for outdoor games to play.

According to the researchers, our brain changes while playing video games. Our brain couldn’t work properly if you most addicted while reading, writing and playing outdoor games. It effects our neurotransmitters like dopamine; they couldn’t work after for recognising things and in concentration.

Liking and Sharing

If anybody Didn’t like your Profile Picture or Sharing content, you would get angry. If you Surf The Internet daily, In a system and mobile phone. This is the time to change your mind from unwanted things to the right things, Stop browsing and tapping social media buttons.

What would happen if you couldn’t change, How could I change?

Addiction is that type of diseases it can’t control you. You may saw some people took drugs for the just purpose, but they even control themselves. This is the Dangerous situation some people fall into this trap. You may lose your memory, concentration, skills, developing reading and mapping things.

See the Situation of this person:

He Played Games for 22days and after he died. His name was Rustam, 17 years old boy. He spent more than 2,000 hours playing video games; only he stops to sleep and eat. The unbelievable death happened in the town of uchay in the southern Russia’s Republic of Bashkortostan.

Doctors Said that He could have died from the second class syndrome, thrombosis from not moving around, as on a cramped long-haul flight. They were rushed to the hospital for treatment, but doctors declared he was dead on arrival this is peak stage of Technology Addiction.

What could you to Change to avoid Technology Addiction?

This is the time to change yourself. You need to setup your clear boundaries and Don’t waste your time while surfing internet and Playing games. Delete the- thought of playing games in your mind, and participate in natural games.

Daily Exercise and Yoga

This is the great medicine for you, morning exercise and yoga will change your life brighter and glowing. Yoga is the Best medicine to control our mind; this is the ancient exercise. At least wakeup morning and do Meditation.

Go for a casual walk

The simple walk may change your mind, walk in streets and chit chat with some one friendly. Help them to get their work done if you fell comfortable.

Holiday Trip

Make Holiday trips and picnics. This is one of thing to change our mind; green surroundings will affect on changing good mind. If you do not make any holiday trip at least go in the gardens, and parks.

Do Some Physical Works When you bore

Do some work to divert your mind from your gadget, go for small gardening works, Creating compound, and planting trees, etc…,


Many of us undergone on addiction but very few realise and learns to avoid addiction it leads to dangerous problems even death so be aware of technology Addiction, please support us by following on facebookGoogle plus andtwitter to get updates & For any questions or advice comment below i will try to help out thanks for visiting and stay tuned here at for more tricks,offers& more like this.

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