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Learn how to UNLIST phone number from Truecaller

Truecaller is one of the largest mobile community in the world.some people don’t want to find their number on the true caller , true caller respects users privacy they implemented to unlist phone number It has more numbers listed in its database from all across the world than any other mobile phone community.

The app provides you with the caller id and number blocking facility and the integration with various social media services lets you keep records such as profile pictures, birthdays, etc. of your contacts. You can also use Truecaller web version to search for unknown numbers.

How Truecaller works:

When you or anyone installs Truecaller on their phone, it fetches all the contacts on your mobile and saves it in their database, and if some other Truecaller user gets a call from an unknown number

Truecaller searches for that number in its database and displays the ‘true caller’ name and details to the user. True caller is available in web version as well, and you need to sign up for their services to use its web version.

See who is calling:unlist phone number

Truecaller Identify the person or company calling before you pick up.

See the actual identity of each incoming call — landlines, mobile, or pre-paid — even if the number isn’t stored as a contact.

Truecaller checks their database and shows a name of company or person, Tturecaller servers are fast it takes less than two seconds to find the incoming or outgoing number.

Never deal with telemarketers or robocalls again. Get instant access to top spammers in your area, allowing you to screen and block all unwanted incoming calls. Block unwanted calls:

Identify Spam call:

Truecaller identifies spam calls from its directory once we block with Truecaller calls coming from true caller automatically rejected.

Features of Truecaller:

  • See who is calling if you don’t have their number in your phonebook
  • Block unwanted calls from spam callers and telemarketers
  • Search for any number in the world to see who it belongs to
  •  You can now copy a number anywhere (e.g. website or apps) and TrueCaller will notify you who it belongs to
  •  Get in touch with people via name search (Premium feature)
  • Tweet and Follow a person on Twitter directly from TrueCaller
  • you can unlist phone number from true caller
  • Yelp! Integration for faster business search results
    and  more features to make your phone smarter

Unlist phone number Step by Step:

1.Deactivate your Truecaller Account ( if you have registered before

Go to Truecaller Unlist form

Remove Your Mobile number from true caller

       2.Enter Mobile number or any other number( include Organisations, E-commerce, Banking, etc.truecaller)

3.Verify captcha ( To prove you are not a robot)

4.Finally, click unlist


This is the way to remove your mobile nature caller database after removing your number from true caller again not going add your number untill you rigisters with truecaller again.

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