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Whatsapp Always Online Best Trick

Hello, This post is helpful for many people who want show their WhatsApp always online. Even though there are advantages disadvantages, many people fell to be always online.

I personally felt that it is useful for small business companies who use whatsapp and highly recommended for them. Some may be having the passion of always being online some do it for making fun.

If it helps you then comment down below and let me know how it helped you.

Now exactly how to be always online in Whatsapp the best choice is Gb Whatsapp here how to set always online in Gb WhatsApp you can also check how to use two WhatsApp on a single mobile.

#Whatsapp Always onlinewhatsapp always online

The process to become always online:

  1. Download and install Gb WhatsApp from here(You find features requirements & latest versionwhatsapp always online
  2. Verify your mobile number
  3. Go to Gb WhatsApp settingwhatsapp always online
  4. Scroll Down and click on other MODs
  5. Click on always online
  6. Now done you will always be online whenever you are connected to the internet (Mobile data or Wifi)

NOTE: It shows online whenever you are connected to the internet if turn off it won’t work

Download Gb WhatsApp latest Version

Remember These Points:

  1. Gb WhatsApp is risk-free; it will not damage any phone data
  2. Shows online when connected to the internet
  3. Gb WhatsApp has extra features check here

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There may be several reasons and this is the best solution to always online is Gb WhatsApp, if you have any problems or questions in being always online comment below thanks for checking and stay tuned at tricks5.com

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