Run dual whatsapp account on Android Device rooted & non rooted

Dual Whatsapp Account

Hello, Every one of us uses WhatsApp on our smartphones. If you are using dual SIM on your mobile phones, you may be thinking to enjoy dual WhatsApp account for your two different mobile numbers on your Android device.Whatsapp can run only one in one device so now question arisen ??  What is the solution for this ?? In this guide, I am going to explain you methods that work.If you want to get free mobile data by using WhatsApp over wifi checkout this guide.


Dual Whatsapp account no root:


Using GB WhatsAppgbwhatsapp

Gb Whatsapp is just like WhatsApp but with additional features like counter statistics group, View media without loading, ability to copy and paste, and translate to your language, And it also supports other Spanish languages.What to know more and Download Gbwhatsapp visit Below link.

Unlock Below link to Download Gb Whatsapp

Download Gb whatsapp

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dual whatsapp account

Note: GB WhatsApp will not disturb original Whatsapp you can use both at a time.

Features of GB WhatsApp:

  • It Supports phone calls
  • Ability to copy and paste messages
  • Gb WhatsApp will Hide the chance of viewing privacy options *
  • Gb WhatsApp counts  statistics for WhatsApp groups sent and received messages
  • We can View Media(Photos & Videos) without loading (Loading takes Time)
  • Possibility to change Bubbles Type in Dialog Display on WhatsApp screenThe possibility of changing the program icon and notifications
  • Choice to vary Standing-bar Colour (Gb WhatsApp)for Primary Dialog Display only for Lollipop customers
  • Possibility to vary Navigation-bar Coloration in GB WhatsApp for Predominant Dialog Display screen only for Lollipop customers
  • Gb WhatsApp supports Spanish Italian languages
  • Option to vary Again Button in Dialog Display Header
  • Choice to vary Menu Button in Primary Display Header
  •  Choice to change to Change shade of “GBWhatsApp” phrase in Important Display Screen Header
  • Possibility to changeIncoming Calls Icon in Calls Display
  • Choice to change Outgoing Calls in Calls Display
  •  Possibility to change  Missed Calls Icon in Calls Display screen
  • Choice to change color of Calls counters in Calls Display screen
  • Choice to change shade of Faucet Indicator in GB WhatsApp Fundamental Display Screen Header
  • Alternative to Translate English to your language ( Cancelled )



Using Parallel Space: 

Download parallel space from play store and start using it,
Go and enjoy WhatsApping!
  • Log into many accounts of social networking apps or  game apps at the same time on one device
  • Protect user privacy, make apps invisible on device through Incognito Installation
  • Switch fast between accounts of parallel space with just one tap on device
  • Run two accounts at once and you can switch between them quickly with one tap to effectively manage different accounts
  • Parallel space is Powerful, stable and easy-to-use.
  • Unique: Parallel Space is based on MultiDroid, Parallel space is the first virtualization engine app on Android.

Download Parallel Space


Nowadays latest mobiles has the ability to run dual apps, Check if your mobile iscompatiblee or not. Some of the mobile that i use & know. By default it has the ability to rum dual whatsapp.

  • Lenovo Vibe K5 Note


There are Many other Methods, but these are simple ways to use dual whatsapp account just install and use.Note that all tricks I share on my website are 100% verified If you face any issues let me know.If you have any problem in downloading then let me know to update Download may also like how to get mobile data when you use WhatsApp on wifi.  Stay tuned at for more updates.

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