Whatsapp profile pic without crop in Android try now


Whatsapp profile pic without crop

WhatsApp profile picture In Android phone Most of the people want to set whatsapp profile pic without crop but WhatsApp crop the pic and some important part of photo missing out it really hurt us. It is an easy method no root required if you want to root your Android for other reasons – check how to root android in two minutes. so now I am going to explain a simple method so that

Now how can you set a full-size image. And this article is a full step to step guide to crop WhatsApp profile picture.So that now you can set full-size profile picture without cropping. Not only for WhatsApp you can use the same technique for other main applications of your mobile, like social networks, Gmail, more.

Day by day WhatsApp is upgrading you can set your WhatsApp profile picture of your full-size image easily set without cropping and it all can be done with an app called squaredDroid in this app you can set it easily. Which you can download from the link below and you can crop pictures and set profile pictures of Facebook-WhatsApp and other chatting applications

I am going to explain step by step first download squared ride up from the given below link

Whatsapp profile pic without crop:

Step 1: the first download squared ride up from the given below clink and install SquareDroid app.

whatsapp profile pic without crop

Download Square Droid

step 2: After successful installing square droid app now open app and you will. 4 options (pick a photo, take a photo, squaredroid settings, disable adds)as shown below if you haven’t the previous photo can just click on a photo and use square droid and it will make you set easy.

whatsapp profile pic without crop

Step 3: I chose to pick a photo and selected a recent photo & adjusted quality of image

whatsapp profile pic without crop

Image in Gallery :

Now i can set it a full-size profile picture for Whatsapp

whatsapp profile pic without crop

Note : If you want to be way from app adds just switch off your wifi or mobile data

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WhatsApp profile picture at crops picture as a Potter picture from given  pics so overcome this problem for Android has developed full set full-size WhatsApp profile picture app SquareDroid. I hope you like this article keep visiting tricks5.com for more stuff like this thanks for visiting.


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