Root android and un root – With or Without PC

Root Android and un root

Hello, friends, many people want to do root android their Android for many reasons.But many people don’t know what is the secure way to root their android mobile. Here is the best way to root your mobile.

Reasons to root their Phone mainly are:root android

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How to Root Android Phone without PC:

 Root with King root One click root:

  • Check whether your Mobile is rooted or Not Download Root Checker app from here
  • Download and install King root app from Below link, or you can Download link from official site 
  • then king root will check whether already rooted or not, If the phone is not rooted before it checks strategy is it possible to root device or not, If it has a root strategy before it asks to download root strategy from there it self, download root strategy
  •  Click on the root, Then it starts rooting Mobile as it starts from %1 to  100 some times it reboots to complete root.
  • Don’t worry if Device reboot to complete root

UnRoot with King root in one click:

Yes, you can unroot with just one click it is possible with king root, I think this is the best choice for beginners.


it is very easy to root android mobile with king root app but i recommend to root if it is really needed.

Root will change some properties of the system which may lead to many problems. Incoming devices, it will not allow system updates. Get a free 100rs coffie wallet as joining bonus. stay tuned for more offers.

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