Find unknown numbers true caller (Tricks Added) 2018

Find Unknown Numbers:

yes we find unknown numbers by using true caller is easy and you can block spam calls or unwanted calls very simple just download true caller from

How Truecaller gets data:find unknown numbers

The data is crowd-sourced from the millions of users ( Crossed 100 million users ) who have downloaded the true caller app on their smartphones. As part of the end user agreement, the Truecaller app asks the user to allow access to the user’s address book/contacts on the smartphone. This data is then uploaded by the app to the company’s servers. After going through several data matching/refining algorithms, this data is made available to all Truecaller users to search upon.

So out of all the people who know you and have your contact number stored against your name in their phones – if even 1 person uses the Truecaller app, your contact number and name would end up in the true caller database.

As for why it doesn’t seem to work for you – there could be many reasons which would need more details regarding exactly what goes wrong when you use/download the app.

And yes, it does raise privacy concerns, which is why the app was initially banned in the UK.
It is, however, possible to unlist your number from their database.

Features of Truecaller:

See who is calling:

Truecaller Identify the person or company calling before you pick up.

See the true identity of each incoming call — landlines, mobile, or pre-paid — even if the number isn’t stored as a contact.

  1. Shows name
  2. Email Id
  3. Image (If available)
  4. Operator
  5. State

Truecaller checks their database and shows a name of company or person, Tturecaller servers are fast it takes less than two seconds to find the incoming or outgoing number.
Never deal with telemarketers or robocalls again. Get instant access to top spammers in your area, allowing you to screen and block all unwanted incoming calls.Block unwanted calls:

Watch the video for more information:

 How to remove  your number from true caller

Conclusion :

you can find the unknown number by just installing true caller on your device as we know true caller takes information from your device and shows the information for others. and vice versa. we people very much interested in finding unknown numbers. it is easy with true caller stay updated at if you want to remove your number then unlist your mobile number.

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