Call to anyone With any number for free(100% working)

Spoof call

Hello, guys here is to explain a fake call from any number with free of cost. With using a simple Android app, you can do it. If you have received any phone call from an unknown or a different type of number which you haven’t seen before, don’t get shocked because it can happen and we can make calls like easily with using a simple android app. I have already posted how to use GB Whatsapp in Android phones. Recover deleted files from Android.

They can not be known who called them if we use this app. You can check the unknown number in the truecaller to you will get the wrong result. We can use it without any issues.

The main inspiration to me to write this post is I got a call like this for many time. All the time I have heard the same voice with many numbers. Then I got a doubt that as we are updating someone has called me with an app who knows me well. Then I have checked all of them, and I got the correct working in it and today I have mentioned about that app in this article. You can see send fake location on Whatsapp.

App for to make fake call

We need to follow some simple steps to download and use this app. no matter it can be regional, national or international it will work finely without any issues.

By using this app, you can prank your friends. Just follow this guide to make use of this app.

Trick to call anyone with any number

We need the app called fake call which is used to change our caller ID and place the another one which we want.

  • Download the app called ID changer from playstore without paying any cost, Because we will get it for free.

  • Now just open the app by giving the specific permission for the app.

  • Now see it, and you will get 91 in the fist and second columns respectively. Enter the mobile number which you want to show the caller ID and who do u want to call.

  • Another person will get the call from what number we have placed before. Now they will also be thought to work like here.


So, guys, it is very easy to download it and use it on your Android phone. If you have any doubts and problems regarding this post feel free to comment. Now enjoy free fake calling app on your smartphone.

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