Best Websites to Watch Free TV shows online

TV shows are most exciting. We all wait for the story to unveil itself in the upcoming episodes. But for the TV show fans who do not have a cable television, it’s really difficult to find the latest episodes of their favourite TV shows. NetFlix or Amazon Prime costs you around $10 every month which may not be affordable for many of the college students There are dozens of websites on the internet which claim that you can watch the full episodes of all the TV shows. But in reality, most of them just play tiny tidbits or partial episodes. But we have some good news. There are a few cool websites where you can watch the TV shows without paying a dime. You can watch the full episodes of your favourite TV Series for an absolute fee on your laptop. You just need a laptop or mobile phone and an internet connection to access your favourite TV shows. Let’s see some of the websites which provide the full episode TV shows for free. There is also some of the free online movie sites to check out for


Tubi is the best alternative for cable television. Tubi has made several license agreements with the TV Show production companies and it operates legally. You can also find tons of movies for free watching on Tubi. But when it comes to TV shows nothing beats them. It’s a completely free website and provides the best platform for the wonderful watching experience. The best part is you need not even create the account to start watching your favourite TV shows. However, you may need to create the account to set your preferences so that Tubi gives you the perfect recommendations for your taste. There are also many old TV shows. There are almost 50,000 TV shows on this gigantic website. You can also download their Android app or the iOS app if you love watching the TV shows on your smartphone.


Crackle is one excellent website which repeats in most of our lists for free movies. The prestigious Sony Pictures Entertainment owns it. You can access all the content on Crackle for absolutely free. It has got many TV shows from the past times to the present. Their search function is super cool. You can find the TV shows using their search filter options. You can search for the TV shows based on year of release, genre, alphabetical order, etc. You need to create an account at Crackle to start watching the TV shows. It tracks your watching behaviors and gives you the TV shows or movie suggestions. Download the Crackle app if you want to enjoy the TV shows on tablets or smartphones.

TV Player

This website replaces the TV for the UK citizens. You can stream almost 100 TV channels from this website on your mobile device and laptop for free. You can stream dozens of shows which are airing live currently. The users must pay the subscription fees to access the premium channels. The downside of this wonderful website is it’s restricted to the residents of UK. If you are from the US or any other country, you may not be able to access the content on TV Player. UK users can watch the TV channels like Discovery, BBC1, Dave, History, ITV, Lifetime, etc. for free. They just need to sign up and can start watching. We are not sure if the users from the US can access the content using the VPNs or not.

We hope you find your favorite TV shows on any of the above websites. Let us know if you know any good sites which let the users watch the full episodes.

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