Download Mini militia Pro Pack Now Latest Version(Download Page)

Hello, wontDownload Mini militia Pro pack to get More features now.

Minimilitia Pro Pack Download Page

Minimilitia is an addictive game and full of fun with multiplayer and online. Everyone wants to play with extra powers, but they are not available in free. Need to get pro pack here find mini militia pro pack direct link from Our Website and Mirror links you can Download Minimilitia Pro Pack Now.

What you get from Minimilitia Pro Apk:

  1. Unlock Online content
  2. Rocket Launcher (Fire With Rocket launcher)
  3. Sniper Rifle
  4. Machete
  5. Dual wield
  6. Avatar Skins (Helps you to create different avatars)

Minimilitia Chat commands:

These are the available chat commands that  open Now

  1. BI: bring it
  2. RU: Ready up
  3. GS: get some
  4. CM: cover me
  5. CB: come on boy
  6. MO: move out
  7. NNOOOOOOOO: noooooooo0oooo
  8. HH: hoo yea
  9. LG: let’s go, yea

Download Propack Now:

 Mini militia Apk  Download 

Download Minimilitia

Note: Directly Downloaded From our Website

Conclusion :

If you have any extra mod Minimilitia pro packs then comment below i will try to make it available to all of you. Stay updated with tricks5 and get more tricks5 now. Stay updated with Facebook pages.

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