Search People on Facebook without Logging in(Updated)


How to search people on facebook without logging-in?

We all know that Facebook has got more than 1.44 billion active users from all over the world and this has made Facebook the best in social media. Facebook have converted itself the most powerful social media search engine today.

Many of us are not aware of, but there are many ways that one can use to find people on Facebook without logging in. There are almost five methods that you can follow to search for someone on facebook, and you don’t even have to login. You can easily search for pages, profiles, events, groups and many other things using this method.

Given below are five methods that you can use to search people on facebook.

  1. Use Facebook People Search: – This is one of the easiest ways to find someone on facebook. This method is known as people search. You just have to go to this page and enter the name of the person, group, page, event or anything you know and Facebook search will show you up everything related to that name. in case of profiles, this trick will show you up to 10 profiles of Facebook. This will make your search more efficient by adding the employer name, city, educational institute, etc. This method will show you up the favorites , personal preferences, but if you want more info, you will have to log in to Facebook.
  2. Using Facebook directory: – many times you may want to search for places or pages instead of people, and thus with this methods, you will be able to do an effective research. This method works like yellow pages for Facebook. When you search for it, you will find that you have got three tabs with the label pages, people, and places. You just have to browse through the letters and choose the tab as per your need. You will see all the names from the respective tab. If one wants, then he or she can opt out from these searches by making changes to their security settings.

Search Url:-

  1. Google search: – in the similar way as regular searches you can use Google to search for pages, profiles, groups, etc. To search, you will have to follow a format as “ Name.” In place of “Name”, you will have to enter the name of the page, profile or group name. However, after clicking on the result of Google search people, you will be redirected to “Facebook people search” again.
  2. Google Social search: – If you want you can use social search engine to search for profile, pages and groups. You just have to visit “” and this tool will easily do a Facebook search for people without logging in. you just have to open the tool and enter the name of the brand page, profile or group etc and this tool will show you all the results related to the term you have entered.
  3. Using Browser Add-ons: – This is yet another way to find people. You must have seen that many add-ons are available for Firefox and Chrome, and thus you can use them to perform various actions. Same is the case with searching people on Facebook.

For ChromeFor Firefox

You can even use another plugin, but this available only for firefox

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