free wifi calling on same Wi-Fi network without Net

How we can make calls on two devices connected to same wifi:

Free wifi calling this post gives you the best ways to make calls on same wifi have you ever thought of calling to someone same wifi network without the internet. Here some applications which work as a walkie talkie, In same wifi networks these apps range Depends on your wifi network range, It works better in public transports like Airport, Railway station as well as home networks and more? if you don’t have a wifi network you can create a virtual hotspot to connect to devices, here you will find all apps related to Android users only, here you wifi ways to call over wifi without internet

free wifi calling over same Wi-Fi without the internet for free:

Where to use these free wifi calling apps:

  •  Now you can communicate with people in previously unavailable places: airports, train or any other long-distance transport, forest and mountains, stadium, concert hall and other public places where a cellular signal is weak. free wifi calling
  • Wi-Fi Talkie is also well suited for communication within a Wi-Fi network of your home, office, school, university or dorms.
  • Motorbike communications. Rider-copilot. There are special headsets for all types of helmets.
  • Inter-vehicle communications (up to 100 meters / 238 feet). Motorbikes, cars, …
  • Sports (ski, cycling, hiking, climbing).
  • Noisy environments (construction, concerts, etc.)

App No 1: Wi-Fi Talkie FREE:

Features of wi-fi Talkie:

  •  Working without The Internet or a cellular network
  • Voice calls
  • Transferring files and folders at Wi-Fi speed
  • Group chat
  • Private messages

Note: If you create a hotspot while your device’s Internet connection enabled, then Internet tethering (sharing) becomes activated.


  • The range of Wi-Fi signal depends on a hotspot and connected devices. Usually, the range is not more than 50 metres (150 feet) indoors and up to 150 metres (450 feet) outdoors.
  • Range Depends on your range you can get more powerful wifi routers which can be there till 10 km

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  • Good sound quality even if a Wi-Fi signal is very weak
  •  Unlimited number of active calls
  • Speakerphone mode
  • Bluetooth headset support
  • Wired headset support
  • Noise reduction

Download Wi-Fi Talkie FREE

App No 2: Intercom for Android:


  • Intercom for Android lets you place group calls with other Android devices over Bluetooth and Wifi.
  • Intercom for Android acts like a simple walkie talkie (two-way radio):
  • No Internet needed. It only uses local communications.
  • Minimum configuration.
  • No registration.
  • No accounts.
  • No buddy list.
  • It will not charge your data or don’t use wifi to communicate


  • Bluetooth headsets are supported on Android 2.2+ devices.
  • We recommend specialized headsets for each use case, just find the one that fits you best.

Download Intercom for Android

App No 3: Wi-Fi Direct Walkie-Talkie:

This application turns your phone or tablet into walking talking radio without access to the Internet. It uses Wi-Fi Direct technology for providing a connection between two android devices.

Note: Your device must support Wi-Fi Direct.

Download Wi-Fi Direct Walkie Talkie


There are many apps which allow us to call on wifi to other friends who is very long in the internet but there are very fewer apps which give free wifi calling in same wifi networks nowadays you can find free public wifis over long distance these are the best apps which help you call on same wifi without the internet.

You can also apps to call for free online and websites offers free international calls I hope you like it,please support us by following on Facebook,Google plus and twitter to get updates & For any questions or advice comment below i will try to help out thanks for visiting and stay tuned here at for more tricks, offers& more like this.

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