Why is Guest Blogging the best off-Page SEO Practice?

Among all types of online marketing, perhaps the only best marketing you can turn into a long-term investment is guest blogging. The whole wide world is now talking about guest blogging and some people even consider it as one of the most effective online marketing strategies. Even though most people agree that guest blogging is effective, but some others may think that public is misusing it.

In the off-page SEO point of view, guest blogging is a powerful strategy to build a long-term and high-quality relationship in which may help you in various ways. However, some people may see it as another link building strategy. The question is should you submit a guest post as part of off-page SEO practice?

What is guest blogging?

The term guest blogging is not something peculiar for those who deal with internet marketing or blog writing. Guest blogging is a term used when a writer writes content for a blog which not their own. Many people think it is a good way to establish your online presence within your market as well as build relationship with experts and other bloggers in the field.

Above all the good things about guest blogging, it is actually a two-way marketing in which you should also consider feature blog posts from other writers on your blog as well. Having a blog post on your blog or writing for one helps you reach new audiences with fresh content and a new perspective.

What is Off-Page SEO?

Off-page SEO is a term refers to optimizing certain brands offline and online through useful content, links creation, and relationship. The main purpose of off-page SEO is to create a maximal experience for search engine crawl bots and prospects. In short, off-page SEO is any activities to practice outside your website boundaries.

A good and successful off-page SEO strategy will be able to generate the following benefits.

  • Increase PageRank – Page rank is a sort of ranking of a website in Google ranging from 0 to 10.
  • Increase ranking – a good off-page SEO strategy will make a website has a higher rank in SERPs which leads to more traffic.
  • More exposure – higher ranks in search engine means greater exposure which means more visits, links, and social media mentions.

How those two are linked?

Bloggers, business enterprises, or anyone owns a website found out that writing for other websites about the related niches brings numbers of benefits. Cycle of writing and sharing in the internet created quality link stream which will make the search engine consider the website to appear in higher rank. And the cycle continues but here are some reasons why submit a guest post is a great off-page SEO practice.

  • Improve authority – the quality of a website is measured from the content. But the good quality content itself is not enough to convert the audience into subscribers let alone loyal customers when they do not trust the brand. Thus, online marketing in modern days is about authority. How to improve internet authority? You can do it in a respective way by a becoming a contributor to authoritative blogs. The main benefit of guest blogging is to promote authentic and good-quality articles of the niches. Then, the targeted audiences recognize you as someone whom big brands trusted. They will then more aware and receptive to any information in your own blog.
  • More link juice – guest post usually has biographical part which speaks of who you are and your background. But most importantly, most blogs accepts contributors to include at least one link to their own site in the blog post. The fact is a single backlink derived from authoritative blog. This link juice will make your site easy to index and more discoverable in search engines.
  • Grows brand awareness – guest blogging is one good way to voice your brands. You just need to be sure to mention the brand in every post that you write. Through this way, the brand will be more recognizable wherever you submit post. Even though it is good to grow brand awareness, but be sure to avoid fluff writing or spamming and makes it easy to read.
  • Grow social media – besides increasing the social shares, guest blogging also boosts your social media followers. Submitting post in authoritative blog will polish your reputation in the eyes of their followers. If it is possible, you can also include your social media account as a good way to increase your own follower.
  • More social media shares – one of an effective way to generate social media shares is through guest blogging. If the blog where you submit a blog post has high social media activity, shares will come naturally after the content is published. However, the blog post should be highly shareable such as infographics which will likely to get more engagement up to 3x in social media compared to other content types.
  • Improve writing skills – in writing, there is no such thing as great writing. Writers just keep on practicing until they reach masterpiece. Writing about niches that you really love is the only way you can earn genuine readership and thus improve your writing competence.
  • Get feedback – when you become a guest blogger and become active in the community, chances are you can get positive feedback from other bloggers. It is also possible to exchange thoughts with the community members. To invite bloggers interaction to comment, you can add call-to-action sentences.

Guest posting is a great strategy of off-page SEO within the right reason, right person, and right execution. The advantages are not to be ignored but guest blogging should be done in the right way including high-quality content, relevant topics, and not overfilling backlink. Overall, guest blogging should provide a chance for the writer to voice their opinion as well as generate more traffic to their site. Once you get a chance to submit a guest post, make sure to give it a try and see if the off-page SEO strategy works great for your brand as well.

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