Increase internet speed know how


Increase internet speed

It is so embarrassing when the internet connection is slow this guide helps you to increase internet speed ,increase internet speed slow wastes your patience and it’s a lot of time-consuming. Frustrating changes your mind and Interest. It’s defected your work without doing it. Many Internet providers give you affordable service, but this might be the problem with you. So, Check yourself to browse a fast internet. you can check internet speed. If you are using an android mobile and you want to earn money then Download Champcash.

Select a Best Internet Plan:

This is the important primary point that you have to choose a plan within your locality how much browsing speed will you need it. Select a plan that is suitable for your work that how much speed do you want.

  • Choose a 1MB or 2MB for solo performer with low price, if you want to go for 15MB or Higher for your Internet Uses.
  • Check whether the selected plan of speed coming from the server or not.
  • Try Different Packages for better understanding the browsing speed.
  • If you are still facing this problem, it is better to upgrade your plan.
  • Better Broadband or Better Fiber took you to better Experience of Internet Browsing world.
  • Test Your Internet Speed, see your results how to speed your internet is.

Select a Browser for Best Browsing Experience

So many people using fastest browsers like Firefox, Chrome. Internet Explorer is a Decent and Secure Browser, but It is slow while compare with Chrome and Firefox. I’m Using Chrome for better browsing there is no problem with this browser.

  • Use Google Chrome Browser for best browsing, Video loading, and access all the services from Google with secure and safe.
  • Firefox is the another browser which is used by so many are using worldwide.Use Fasterfox Lite version to speed up your browsing.
  • Clear browser cookies and caches simultaneously. Browser cookies allow you to browse fast, but it is unsafe, save when you trust that website.
  • Delete Unwanted and Unuse add-ons and Extension from browser
  • Google Chrome Extension FastestChrome add-on for better browsing experience.
  • Close Unused Tabs that will effect on consuming some data speed

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Reboot your router connection:


Sometimes router will create this problem, this is the solution for the simple problem but when you are in the big problematic situation this will won’t work. Rebooting Router means the starting fresh with the easy format so, that will cause some changes in default mode. It with router problem may set by rebooting your router. One more thing is to perform is that “RePosition” your router from any signal distraction, set into a free place to emit signals in the whole house or office.

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Check Your Computer Settings

  • Clean your system from the distraction of third party viruses and harmful trojans.
  • It is better to use Antivirus for your system.
  • Clean Unwanted and Unused apps in your system that will consume very high data running background.
  • Keep Free Space on your computer. With high full of data will slow down your Computer and Connection to the Internet.
  • Always use the upgraded system for better results.
  • Always update your apps and browsers

Check whether Someone using your Intenet connection

  • Change your password frequently to avoid from stealing your passwords
  • Install a scanning software to scan which is using your computer as a host.
  • Check Frequently Internet speeding and for their solutions.

Use UC browser

use UC browser to avoid ads on pages which will consume a lot of time and it has many shortcuts which will help you browse very faster.

Change your DNS servers to Google servers so that it will increase speed of internet

Google DNs servers are :

  1. Primary DNS
  2. Secondary DNS servers are


It makes us feel good when you browse speed and it also saves your time and gives results fast make use of these tricks of you find any better we will update post to increase internet speed, Dont hesitate to comment we will come up with best tricks staty tuned.


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