Limit wifi speed for specific ip address in wifi-router


Limit wifi speed

Limit wifi speed, iamHello guys welcome to my blog thanks for being here let’s find how to limit wifi speed. Iam writing this post after experiencing a lot of slow internet speed to me whI amin my room.i can stop any one using my wifi but i foung this way which helped me lot if you have you ever experienced less wifi speed sharing your wifi and you are getting less wifi speed? Here is a solution to limit wifi speed to your clients or friends who is using wifi, limit bandwidth to your clients

Now I am going to show with tp link router by step by step :


  • Go to tp link admin page by visiting default router IP address or visiting
  • Default user name : admin  password : admin (If you changed router login password please enter those details)

tplink logged in

  • Click on DHCP  (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol )in left side Menu then go to DHCP Client List
  • Here you find how many devices are connected to your wifi router with their IP address assigned and MAC address of clientdhcpclientlist
  • Now find target client IP address , Now my target is client iD 1  (My virus) client IP address is

limit wifi speed

  • Note down or Copy  IP address select IP address and press Ctrl+C to copy

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  • Find Bandwidth control on left side menu , From control settings you can limit total incoming Net speed from ISP (internet service provider ) here Egress Bandwidth is Uploading  speed and Ingress Bandwidth is Downloading speed with this it will change total router limit in my case I want full speed so I am changing both to 10000 Kbpscontrolwifitoallclients
  • Now Go to rule list Click on Add New button then enter IP Address range now, I want to Limit speed to My computer so enter IP address and How much speed you want to give to client now I am giving 1100kb to both uploading and downloading speed , then click Save

limit wifi speed

Limit wifi speed add a new rule :

limit wifi speed

  • Now wifi speed dropped to 1.01 Mb downloading speed and 1.05 Mb uploading speed

limit wifi speed

  • Yes it is worked 100%


This is the only way to limit wifi speed in tp-link routers you may also chek your speed after this it is working 100%, for any questions or advice comment below i will try to help out thanks for visiting and stay tuned here at for more tricks, deals, offers& more like this.


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