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Right away can make video call feature on WhatsApp

WhatsApp almost won among the other application, it is one of the most popular messenger apps and replaced the traditional SMS method. WhatsApp can be accessed by using the internet connection, and we can use this application from any part of the world. This service has introduced a lot of new features in it.
With the WhatsApp application you will get fast, easy, secure messaging and calling specification for free and therefore these are available on phones all over the world. Now we can use the WhatsApp application in web browser also by just scanning the QR code in your mobile device.
WhatsApp messenger is always trying to attract its million numbers of users around the world. Now WhatsApp application came up with one fantastic typical feature which is nothing but the WhatsApp video calling feature. WhatsApp is famous among all the application.
WhatsApp has recently given up a voice calling feature for all the Smartphone or tablets with the latest WhatsApp .apk version. Voice calling platform started with the Android application. Later on, it’s also released on the iOS or iPhone, Blackberry or Java, and Windows Phone platform. Slightly a lot of users are reporting many issues on this WhatsApp application voice calling update. You can use WhatsApp on your PC or Laptop.
WhatsApp has rolled out with the video calling on the Android, iPhone and Windows Phone platform across the world. Here is some point which shows how to make the video call on WhatsApp or even the group video call on WhatsApp application.
The WhatsApp application finally got a new feature called voice calling last year. Well, now it’s underway to the new features. According to the WhatsApp blog, the feature is gradually rolling out to all consumers across the different platforms in the coming days. WhatsApp blog, this will explain the process of video calling.

How to make WhatsApp video calls:

Making a video call on the application is just like building an audio call by just open a call chat with the person whom you want to contact and then select the Video Call option in the WhatsApp screen. The other person, for now, will also require having video calling for it to work otherwise you will get an error message on the screen.
Once the call is introduced, you can see and can hear the other end person. It will take us additional testing to see the original video quality, but at first glance, we have to see how it looks not bad or not.
With a simple tap on the WhatsApp application screen and you can connect your messages, for example within the app, or return to the menu option and use your mobile phone for other purposes while continuing your call on the application. Of course, if you do not keep the display screen of the call on the display screen you cannot see the caller but only hear the audio of your friend, but they can see your video. To see him or her again on the window, just by simply reopen the window of the application.
You can download the new version of WhatsApp version 2.16.318, and this is will available in the app store or play store. Therefore this application is successfully tested these in the WhatsApp beta version. To get the new feature of the app, just to update the latest version of the WhatsApp application on your mobile.

Alternatives to WhatsApp video calling:

If you don’t like WhatsApp video calls or can’t stand to wait and then you can try out one of its many oppose. Alternative applications like Viber have the excellent features. In fact, it is one of the best instant messenger apps for the Android version.
In the case of the Viber application, you can make a video call means making a voice call first and automatically it asking request for the video call. Select your contact and just tap the Free Call button in the application, and wait for the call to connect. Once it connects, you will need to tap the Video Call button on the screen to change into the video calling mode, and the person you are calling requires activating it too, or you won’t be able to see him or her.
You can do the same thing in Skype for the Android version there’s a button that you can use to change the video on or off during a call, but unlike the Viber application that doesn’t need to start a voice call first if you don’t want to. All you need to do is log in, tap the contact that you want to video call and then tap on the video call to connect with your friends.

How do I use WhatsApp for video calling?

Therefore the WhatsApp video calling application lets you place a video call to anyone by using the WhatsApp. Video calling is only ready for the users who are on the version of Android OS 4.1+. If your system OS is not supported this platform, video calling will not be available to you in the app.
The main thing to note is to make sure that you have a strong network connection in your phone when placing or receiving the video calls. An inadequate or improperly set up connection may result in a bad video and audio at low quality. If you are connected to the Wi-Fi, your video call quality is determined by your wireless network signal and your network data speed in the connection.

Placing a WhatsApp video call in the app:
To place a WhatsApp video call in the application, just by simply open the chat with the person whom you want to make the video call and tap on the mobile phone button on top of the screen. Then tap Video call to connect the required person.

Accepting a WhatsApp video call in the app:
When someone video calls you in the WhatsApp, you will see an incoming WhatsApp video call on the screen. You can click the green button to replay the video call or slide the red button to reject the video call. Alternatively, you can tap on the message icon button on the video call screen to dismiss the video call with a quick message in WhatsApp.

The advantage of Video calling:

Anyway, coming back to the point, there are a few benefits of using the WhatsApp application video calls, specifically which is developing the markets like India. However, it’s more likely that most of the users are unfamiliar with those benefits which are given:
WhatsApp has more than 150 million of users in India, and they don’t have to download the other applications to the make video calls because this app owns many users.
Users won’t have to deal with the different call requests since the WhatsApp video calling like a voice calling and chatting is based on the phonebook contacts in your phone.
WhatsApp has even said it has progressed to the feature to handle the low-bandwidth internet connectivity of the phone and cheap phones are used in most parts around India.
The video call is completely end-to-end encrypted with the call and texts which mean other than the sender and receiver no other third parties can access it.

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