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Maps offline :maps offline

Everywhere we use maps to find a location in the car and mobile. Do you know Google has provided you feature that you can use google maps offline without the internet. I think many of us already used this feature. I have personally gone through this feature it is working fine.

It’s pretty easy; I will show you the possible two ways how can you browse maps in offline.

The 1st Way:

Get Google offline directions and navigation you need to download the area you have selected. If your network slow or offline you will able to see maps on your device. So,Ā Search for the area or a city and you can see an information of searched place on the bottom. Next, click on the area which does you want to see in offline, It will become full screen then tap on download and save your area location.

Now you can able to see that area map in offline mode, in this way you can browse offline maps.

The Second Way:

This is a simple method,you have to open google maps and from the sidebar menu choose offline areas OK this is the choice to tap on “+” symbol and move further steps to choose the desired area do you want to see.

Conclusion :

Yes google maps work offline for the first time you need to connect to internet then select a specifid area and use it when you are offline GPS works fine on offline. if you have any problems please do comment stay tuned at


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