How To Maximize Battery Life On Windows 10

Maximize Battery Life:

Windows 10 comes with two power modes: Battery saver mode and the default mode. Well, The battery saver mode surely stops your Windows from sucking your power. It reduces the battery usage as much as 20 percent on normal mode with this way we can maximize Battery Life know more simple tricks which help a lot.

Let’s start with the obvious one: The new Battery Saver tool baked right into Windows 10 itself. From the Settings app choose System and then Battery saver to find it—it’s set to kick in when you’re down to 20 percent of battery life but you can change this level if you want, or turn it on manually at any time.

Maximize Battery Life

Uninstall the unnecessary apps and Programs:

To maximize the battery life on Windows 10, it is recommended that you uninstall the unnecessary programs. Sometimes, these programs keep on updating in the background which you are not aware of. It does not only consumes your internet data but also, it keeps on taking the toll on the battery life. So, it is better to uninstall these apps.

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Other Settings:

Most people with a smartphone know you can turn off wifi and Bluetooth to save some juice, and it’s the same in Windows 10 (this is assuming you don’t need the internet or can get it via a plugged-in cable). The easiest way to switch both off at the same time is via the Airplane mode (or Flight mode) panel under Network & Internet in Settings.

Update Windows While Charging:

Well, you do not have much control over Windows Update on Windows 10. There are though certain ways to stop the Windows 10 upgrade but Windows keeps on popping out unnecessary notifications, almost bugging you to the core of your heart to update it. Well, you never know how long the Windows 10 takes. Sometimes, updating Windows 10 takes until eternity. It is advised that you keep your PC on charge while updating the Windows.

Reduce The Volume:

The volume of your laptop (or tablet) has more of an impact on battery life than you might think—pumping out those tunes uses a substantial amount of energy. Try turning down the volume while watching videos and listening to music, or switch to headphones if you can; ideally, mute your device completely to maximize Battery Life.

The reason Windows 10 performed so poorly is most likely due to the nature of the operating system. Keep in mind that it’s essentially an alpha version, which runs a host of processes in the background that collect data to monitor and analyze usage, catch bugs, and learn from user behavior. This would definitely explain why on idle, Windows 10 Technical Preview’s performance was disastrous in terms of battery life. It will be interesting to see whether the tides turn with the final release of Windows 10 when all this code collecting telemetry data will be gone.

It’s great to see that Microsoft has introduced the Battery saver feature. In my simple tests, I got almost 7 hours of battery life with the Battery Saver feature enabled, which is certainly better than previous versions of Windows. Yet, there is still room for improvement we hope better to maximize Battery Life.


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