How to start V log in You tube and start making money

Have you ever imagined you could be paid by posting videos on You tube. yes it is indeed possible to earn lot of money by creating a unique and wonderful content. V log or video blog is just like a blog, except the difference here is the medium used is video. You tube is the best place to put your video and earn from it then start V log in You tube and start making money.
Ad sense is widely used by you tubers for monetising their channel.So in this article first i will explain you how to earn money using Ad sense Account.Later i will reveal other method by which you could earn money by putting those V logs in you tube.


Start V log in You tube and start making money

1 Setting Up Google Ad sense to Monetise your channel:

First of all, you need to open a channel and choose a good name. By good name i mean people should relate to it with what you are putting on your channel.For example if you are creating a technical videos you could pick something like techylife.
Don’t take this step lightly, as good name will provide higher traffic to your channel.

After successful creation of channel,click on account settings in your you tube and there you could see option called “Enable Monetisation”. You will have to provide Ad sense detail there.if you haven’t created an Ad sense account before then click on “How will i get paid” option provided right below it.You will be required to follow their instruction and you are now ready to earn!.
Making Quality video is not enough to earn, you have to use good keywords in description and choose a catchy title so that traffic is directed to your channel.
As of now, you tube requires you to have 10000 total views to monetise your account.Try to reach that threshold and you are then eligible for monetising your channel.

As i said earlier, Google Ad sense is not the only way you could earn money using You tube.Here i am going to reveal other popular method by which you could earn lot of cash.

2. Making Money using Branded Merchandise:

After growing your fan base, your viewers are going to get more and more interested in your brand. They’ll recognise your logo and go crazy when they see it on videos, websites, and social media, and they’ll make sure to click through to watch whenever they see your face, your brand name, or your logo on a video link.

After successfully building a brand,you could promote it by making a t-shirt with your brand name on it and sell it online or promote it through your videos.

By Advertising your merchandise you are shooting two things with a single Arrow.On one hand your channel will grow more and on other hand you will create extra revenue with those Merchandise.Initial part is only tough that is to create a name for yourself.Once you are able to do that then all these things comes as a byproduct.

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3. Making Money with the help of companion Blog:

It will only help you to further strengthen your channel. it’s a great idea to start a blog. In fact ,your fan will be thrilled to read your blog.
With Ad sense you could actually monetise your blog as well.Just like Ad sense puts ad on your channel,similarly it also adds ad on your blog. Ad sense put targeted ads.Maybe your fan would like that ads. Ad Sense isn’t the only way to make money with a blog. You could reach other brand and write a sponsored post for them.
In my opinion, every v logger should have a blog to go along with their YouTube channel. They give you more chances to engage with your all important audience. it also open up new doors for making money with your YouTube channel’s brand, as well.Sometimes everything cannot be expressed in a video and you need to convey your message by giving a link to your blog.Every successful v loggers have their own blog.

4. Make money Using Sponsorship:

Making money through sponsorship is a popular and great way to make money on YouTube using your v log channel . Here we are talking about some serious money being made.You have to be really popular to get a sponsorship.You could reach out to your favourite brand and ask them to give their product free of cost or in less price.
You might be thinking,its a hard task. For a matter of fact,it is a difficult task but with your persistent and sincere effort,it is indeed possible.Some people become viral overnight and in that case sponsor come forward and offer their services to them.But such things occurs rarely.Always trust in your hard work and give your all while creating content.
You tuber’s get their sponsorship by approaching desired brand directly or filling out a form and submitting a request.
If you have a particular brand in mind, you can contact them directly, or you can use an online sponsorship platform like FameBit that features brands that are interested in sponsoring You Tubers.
While making Proposal,it should contain all those point about your channel and how you are going to use this sponsorship to benefit them.Please Don’t write a single form and send it to multiple brands. Instead, you must make each proposal unique or specific to the brand you’re writing to. Also, don’t make the proposal about you making money through sponsorship.Convince them that they need your service,instead of you needing their’s.
Highlight all those points,that you are going to do to make that brand more popular.while filling form be sure to write it concisely and hope a positive response from them.

After getting sponsorship for your you tube channel,mention it to your audience.For example, If you’re creating a sponsored YouTube video that features a product be sure to mention that the content is sponsored. If you’re honest and upfront about your sponsorship, your audience will really appreciate it!.

If you produce quality content and provide a catchy title with good description,you are bound to get successful as a v logger.Also don’t forget to promote your videos. It might take some time to get succeed as a v logger.Don’t give up on your hope and victory will be yours.

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