Transfer Files Android to PC without USB (Working Tricks)


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Transfer Files Android to PC

Hello, friends, You can Transfer files Android with USB. But have you ever thought to send data wirelessly? You may be thinking to send files via Bluetooth, but it takes too much time. For larger files when it comes with Bluetooth 4.0 then you may be observer it is ok for small files now you can send files with Maximum speed that two devices support. Minimum of 10Mbps speeds up to the maximum.It varies depending upon devices you use.

My choice is Xender you need not download any apps to your Pc. It works with all available browsers. See how it works.

Many Tricks and apps are available to transfer files from

#Requirements to Transfer files android:

  1. Android Device. Below apps Works on almost all Android devices
  2. Laptop or desktop with Wifi facility(All laptops are compatible) Checks best Laptops
  3. If you Don’t have wifi compatibility Desktop then your device must be connected to the same network.

Transfer files from mobile to Pc with XENDER app


Note: NO internet required transferring via Xender app

Step by Step to copy files from Xender app(Android device) to Desktop:

The best part of Xender app and no need to install any extra applications in our Desktop as it works with default browser

  1. Download and install Xender app from play store
  2. After installing give permissions to access your files
  3. Tap on left bottom Rocket symbol which is in orange in colourTransfer files android
  4. Choose Transfer to PC/MAC (You can transfer to any device which is connected to the same network and support a browser)
  5. Then you find an IP address type in the web browser (In my case my IP address is
  6. An accept popup arrives in your mobile accept itscreenshot_2016-10-02-15-08-04tricks5
  7. You mobile now connected to PC, and it can access your memory just Download from there
  8. Speed depends on upon your devices mostly it will be 10MB/sec
  9. You are done.

When you connected to the internet Want to Transfer files android:

  1. Go to web.xender.comscreenshot_2016-10-02-15-13-19tricks5
  2. Then Scan QR Code with your Mobile
  3. Then you are connected you can simply follow remaining Steps to Download
  4. You Are connected

Now your web browser in your laptop/PC or you can use even other mobiles. From their browser connected to a network. Which shows your phone internal storage & sd card storage, you can transfer file instantly.

Shareit for PC Download it is working fine to Transfer files androidTransfer files android with shareit

Every Android device user may already experience Shareit it No.1 for transferring files Without the internet but very fewer people use it to transfer from mobile to Pc or PC to mobile. Why people think that it is not at all easy or Some ignorance. You can also check IMO for desktop officially launched.For sharing files via Share it you Need to have Shareit applications in both Sender & Receiver(Desktop & Mobile).

Step By step procedure for Using Shareit For PC:

  1. Download shareit for PC in your desktop from here.
  2. Run & Install shareit for PC and follow instructions and accept terms and conditions
  3. Download Shareit in Android Device from here & Install (Automatically installed from play store)
  4. Just follow instructions given in both share it for desktop and And shareit app in your mobile
  5. That’s all You learn your own.

Zappy share over cross-platform:Transfer files android with zapya

Zappy is cross-platform File Sharing App available on all the mobile and PC platforms. But zapya is not used by more as everyone is falling back on shareit. Not only share it but there are different apps which can be used to share files.

Download Zapya for All devices:

No Internet required for using Zapya

  1. Download for all devices and share your files here you find For all devices
  2. Download for Android
  3. Send files you will get instructions from zapya

AirMore Download no need to install any app in Pc

It is just like Xender app it also works in browser  and no root permission is required in PC you can also check this

Download Air more apps for all devices

AirMore Download and work:

There are two Ways to visit:

  • Open the browser on your computer. Search the
  • Go to AirMore product page. Click “Launch AirMore Web to Connect” button.

Connect Android to PC:

  • Open AirMore app on your Android. Click “Scan to connect”.
  • Scan the QR code shown on the web page.
  • A notification window will pop up on your Android (Just like Xender app)
  • Requesting to connect. Click “Accept”.

Note: Please make sure your device and PC are on the same WiFi network.


I prefer these apps for without any technical knowledge. If you have the good technical knowledge, you can use in messenger or some other when you are in the same network.Use org cable to transfer files from your mobile to a pen drive. Then connect it to Pc to get files. If you PC is not connected to your desktop this is the best option. Share this post and help others who want to know. Stay tuned to