Unlock hathway router to Use with another Internet service provider


Unlock Hathway wifi router

Hello, guys today I am going to explain how to unlock Hathway router with simple steps have you ever used Hathaway or some other routers which provided by Internet service provider after discontinued from their is still you are not able to use the Internet on other Internet service providers because they are locked wifi routers. 

If   yes  here is brief step by step explanation how to unlock hathway router:

Download mini militia pro version.

Generally,` Hathway company uses D-Link routers to provide Internet services to the customers

Step by step Process unlock hathway router:

 Step 1: find the software version and Hardware version of your WiFi router from back side of your router

 Step 2: Download appropriate firmware  which suits to your  router,  generally you find your router firmware with IMG extension for D-Link firmware

Download Dlink DIR 600M firmware


   My WiFi router is the DIR-600 m which is locked by Hathway which can be limited to below iIPaddress I can not use other than this unless I unlock this router.

Here, I am going to explain how to install firmware that can unlock router of that can be used to work with any Internet service providers

 Step 3: Now Connect your locked router with a LAN cable all over Wifi it is preferred to use LAN cable.

 Step 4:  Go to 192 168 0.1  and your default username and password are admin and leave blank for password respectively.

  Step 5: after successful login, you will find your login page as shown below

 Step 6: Now go to then you will get an option upload firmwareunlock hathway router

 Step 7:  Choose the downloaded file and upload to router  carefully then it will count down from 60 to 0 I starts rebooting  

 Step 8:  after successful installation of firmware there it will ask to log in the default web URL  go to  192.1680.1 then give username leave the password blank.

Now you can find router is working use with another Internet service providers

for better assistance & more information you can call to D-Link support 1800 233 0000 and explain  your problem; they will help you for any further requirements you can directly visit and download from official website

Problems You may face in unlocking hathway router: 

In the case of some routers, you may not find any option to upgrade the firmware in the router’s web-based configuration assist set up a page that’s because either the option is removed in this special firmware version are the option if hidden have the option is removed.

Then we cannot upgrade the firmware you will have to purchase a new to the to use the other ISP unless you add a manual web script to webpage. You’re fine and all right away to upgrade your orders from well what is the option if hidden you can use Firefox add addon like Firebug to make the option visible.

Note: Be careful to select the hardware version  or software version before choosing to download hardware & software versions are usually mention on a sticker at the base of the router

For Other versions of D-link Users: Check Your model and download.


Now have successfully unlocked hardware router with the same process as I explained above and success and using it with another ISP the best part of working with these routers is now I can unlock another router which does not have any option to upgrade. 

Where we can manually add a script to such routers web pages.If you like this post do share and subscribe to us. If you find any problem with the mentioned above procedure.

Please let me know because I will try to help out As soon as possible. Want to earn money without investment download camp cash thank you.


    • The hathway
      Firmware v3.03
      Login Id: Admin
      And password: #@t#w@y

      Use this to login ?

      After that type this? link and it will take you to firmware upgrade page
      Download the v3.05 from the d-link site (where you downloaded hathway firmware)

      And upgrade the firmware

      To the admin of this site:
      Please also add this info to this post and this will be helpful for many people

      • this man should get a medal !really a genius ! helped me alot was working on this for past 1 yr.i accidentally updated my dlink dir 600m with hathway firmware v3.03 and when the upgrade was complete the password was unknown and i cant login at all was going to throw that router, but after 1 yr i found this useful comment. fixed that within 5 min, i also updated my router with v3.05 ,and now its back to normal thank you man you are a life saviour!!!! and yeah admin should add this to his post !

  1. just after i upgrade my router with 3.03 firmware in dlink.co.in
    i cant log in with default password
    the username is Admin and i dont know the password
    pls help me

  2. Mine is dlink dir 615 i upgraded to firmware of hathway unknowingly now i cant use it my isp provider is tikona i tried ur method it didnt worked Please help me

  3. Hi Prashanth
    I’m using D-Link DIR 600M H/W :C1 and F/W 3.04 otherday instead upgrading to DIR 600M v3.05 I upgraded DIR 600M_C1_FW_v3.03HWB01 now I’m unable to use my ISP ip address. I did reset,When tryin to change the Firmware no optin is visible to upgrade for this version. I searched using Firebug as well. And tried nothing worked for me Please help me.

  4. hi,
    Gaddi Prashanth, i think you are the only who can help me.
    I Am using DIR600M wireless n150 home router Which was come with Firmware version :3.01v Hardware version :C1.
    After update the firmware, I am not able to login & not able to access internet through this router,
    I did many times reset properly but still defalut login user name and pass is not working
    (User name: Admin, Password:N/A )
    Please help me to come out from this.

    • Thank you, i have faced the same issue many times, it is because you have flashed wrong firmware or updated firmware over wifi. Please contact dlink customer support they are ready to help you in upgrading firmware. If it is an hardware issue then they may replace your product.

  5. Dear, Gaddi Prashanth
    I used the same password which u gave upper side and it working perfectly
    (user name: Admin, Password: #@t#w@y). but after configuration i m not able to access internet through this router. Can you tell me what i am doing wrong and now i have no option to upgrade the firmware and dear i tried to contact to dlink customer support but i am not able to do.

  6. Dear, Now in this firmware I have no option to update my firmware. could you tell me how i can contact to dlink costumer support.

  7. Hi prashanth I’m having dlink hathway router firmware version 20.09 how to unlock it give me the donwload link plz and tell me to how to unlock


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