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Best File Explorers for Android: –

Many Android Devices already have a pre-installed File Manager but when comparing it with other File Explorers Available on Google Play store there a lot of options for customization.

These File Explorers helps the user to manage the files on an Android Device efficiently. Allowing users to manage the space accordingly and normal features like move, delete, copy, share, etc.

Most of the File Explorers already have a pre-built collection and they all are well categorized such as Photos, Videos, Applications, Files, Music, Documents, etc. These features help the users to easy navigation and save the time as well.

Sometimes accessing the root directories, changing permissions and taking the full control of your Android Device aren’t allowed in many stock File Explorers but there are some another File Explorers on Playstore which can be used to manage root directories.

All the File Explorers mentioned in this post are already freely available on the Google Play Store. We have tested these File Explorers and then only we have come to conclusion to shortlist these File Explorer Apps.

5.) File Commander – File Manager

File Commander is one of the popular apps for File Managing with over 50 million downloads and having a rating of 4.2 stars.

File Commander has very clean & basic UI with almost accurate information about the storage used on the Android Device.

File Commander is also categorized into different sections such as Music, Pictures, Documents, Downloads, Archives, Videos, etc.

File Commander has all basic features such as any other file manager like cut, copy, paste, move, delete, etc.

File Commander can convert your files into 28 other formats like PNG, BMP, ICO, PDF, WEBP, etc.

Using File Commander you can also share your screen with other devices on the same network.

File Commander also has extra features such as Cloud Storage, FTP, etc.

4.) File Manager (File Transfer)

File Manager App is developed by Cheetah Mobile Tools and currently having more than 50 Million downloads with a 4.4-star rating. The File Manager App is also said as Clean Master’s Sister App.

File Manager App is very basic with fast & simple UI.

File Manager App has all categorized folders in the different section such as Images, Videos, Audio, Documents, Apps, New Files, etc.

You can easily Slide between windows for easy file management.

File Manager App also has some feature such as Cloud Storage, Wifi File Transfer.

File Manager App also has widgets which can be used to access the folders in just one tap from the home screen.

File Manager App Supports Various Languages from all over the Globe.

3.) Solid Explorer File Manager

file explorers

Solid Explorer is one of the best File Manager in terms of the Material Design & having two independent panels as file browsers.

Solid Explorer has all detailed information about the storage used on your Android Device.

Solid Explorer has several different plugins available on the Google Play Store which enhances the user experience of the app.

Solid Explorer also has all the basic features as any other file explorer like cut, copy, paste, move, delete, etc.

Features like accessing the root directories are also possible on the Solid Explorer App.

Solid Explorer has some classy customization options to change themes, icons, color schemes, etc.

Solid Explorer also has a Cloud File Manager where the files over the cloud can also be accessed.

ZIP, RAR can also be extracted by using the Solid Explorer File Manager.

2.) Root Browser

Root Browser is one of the best File Explorer for all the rooted users. Root Browser currently has over 10 million downloads on Google Play Store and rating of 4.0 stars.

Root Browser also has some extra utilities such as the busy box, ROM Toolbox, etc.

As other File Explorers Root Browser also has basic features such cut, copy, paste, move, delete, etc.

Extracts any type of ZIP, RAR, APK, JAR Files.

Root Browser also has an SQLite explorer, bookmark any folders, Search for any type of files & folders, Sort the Files according to their Name, Size & Date.

Root Browser all shows the list of files with thumbnails for the images and also allows the user to view or edit the file.

Root browser is the best app to change the permission and ownership of the file

We have shortlisted the Top 5 Best File Explorers for Android so that you don’t have to search over the internet anymore for Best File Explorer for your Android Device.

Download Root Explorer

1.) ES File Explorer

file explorer

ES File Explorer is one the best File Explorers ever found on the Google Play Store. ES File Explorer App has over 100 million downloads with a 4.5 stars rating on Play Store.

ES File Explorer is Freely available on the Google Play Store and also the safest and simplest File Managing App.

ES File Explorer also contains some basic features such as copy, cut, move, paste, compressing, etc.

ES File Explorer now has a built-in ZIP and RAR support which allows the user to compress and decompress ZIP files. Although you can also extract data from the zip files.

Download ES FileExplorer

Whether your files are in your Internal Storage or in Memory Card ES File Explorer can easily manage all the files.

ES File Explorer also has some extra cool features such as Cache Cleaner which helps in clearing the cache and the junk files and also saves more extra storage.

ES File Explorer Also has a Realtime Observer which helps in loading the recent files 80% faster.

ES File Explorer can be used to access the files on the external storage such as pen drives, hard disk, etc via an OTG Cable.

ES File Explorer has some Advanced Features such as Remote File Access like accessing Cloud Storage and much more.

ES File Explorer also has a Root Browser to access all the Root Directories and have a full control of your Android Device.

This is what makes the ES File Explorer the best File Managing App all over the Google Play Store and breaks all the records!

I hope you liked all the Top 5 Best File Explorers for Android and if you have any doubts queries you can comment down and you can also comment which File Explorer you are using on your Android Device.


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