Earn Unlimited from Task Busks app (40 rs per refferal)


Hello, You may already hear that we have a great opportunity from task busks in
task busksthe form of installing apps using wifi. In task bucks, we should follow some simple steps to get free recharge. Here are some apps that we use in our daily life like MOBIWIK, PAYTM etc…

Now, most of the people are doing recharge from paytm and Mobiwik but you know there is great news for all of you TASK BUCKS it is the app which we get a recharge from these apps by installing and using it. There are many apps which we can get money through it. You can recharge from task busk or you can transfer money to Paytm Wallet.

NO need to invest any rupee invite as many as friends to earn as much as you want to earn money

Download To earn unlimited

Step by step to earn from Task Busk’s app:

  1. Download and install task bucks from play store.
  2. Signup with a mobile number. (Need to verify genuine user or not). (Use refer code JAIDIT)
  3. There you will get a page where you find apps to download, the Thereby side you can check how much money you will get paid when you download that app.
  4. Install apps by using mobile data or wifi like PAYTM, SAVAN.
  5. Then you will get a notification about money which you will get by using these apps.
  6. After completion of notifications, you wallet added with specific money from the app which already placed on it.
  7. Continue the same procedure till you get money above 20 then you are eligible to get talk time.
  8.  Go to my account and recharge option and get a recharge.
  9. You can transfer money to paytm wallet.
  10. use the apps to get more money.

Use refer to code: JAIDIT

Note: With any cause, if  you uninstall or delete that app you will no longer get money from that app

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How to Earn Unlimited Money from Taskbusk:

  1. Inviting your friends from all social media like WhatsUp, facebook etc…
  2. Invite Friends through Emails
  3. So hurry up install the app from play store and get money from it.
  4. And make your friends get to benefit from this app by inviting them from the app.

Proof of redemption task busks:

task busks redemption


Yes, There are many apps that pay really to downloading apps, Just like there are many apps that pay you money for downloading apps, But there are very fewer apps that pay unlimited. It depends upon us how much to earn.One of the mostly paid apps is Champcash. If you feel this post is useful Share with your friends. If You have any problem in downloading the app please do comment.

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