Access Facebook Full Desktop Website On Android(facebook full site)

 Facebook Full Desktop Website

Facebook is used by billions of people on the earth, But they won’t use same devices to access the website, for that reason Facebook has optimized its website for all devices. As a result, we see the optimized site from Facebook. We see the Facebook site from URL here some features are missing. To enjoy all features, we need to access the full Facebook site now learn some tricks/methods to access the Facebook full site.

1.Change Browser settings (Google Chrome)

  • Click on top right corner of your browser (three dots)

    facebook mobile site

    Click on request desktop stie

  • Then go to
  • then it will show full Facebook site

    facebook full site

    facebook full site in mobile with Desktop view

Now you can check this, it verified and dam easy method to get facebook full site. I have verified many sites they are working fine with this setting in google chrome.

Note: Not only for Facebook, this technique applies to all other websites.

2.Changing URL of Facebook Website is automatically redirected to, so we need to change URL of the website to  then it won’t directly redirect to the mobile page. this is the simple and easy technique to directly access the full website.

Don’t Directly search in google, manually enter url including http and www

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3.Click on Desktop site for facebook full site

At the bottom of the Facebook page, you can see an option to view the desktop site, click on that you will be redirected to the desktop site.facebook full site

Yes you will be redirected to desktop site then you can enjoy Facebook site until you tap on the Facebook logo, on the website if you tap on Facebook logo, once again it will detect your device and movie to

4.Using Proxy sites (recommended if you fail above tricks)

I feel that you already know proxy sites that are ok, you can simply go to a proxy site then go to then you will get full facebook site in a mobile browser.

The advantage of using a proxy server is will hide our identity, some proxy servers define what to allow or what to stop before we start surfing a website. We need to allow javascript and cookies to store login authentication info.

Example for proxy site is & Proxy

Now check

5.Using Desktop browser (Android app Name)

Download desktop browser at copy and paste this link in a browser or search desktop browser. I think this is not a good choice but if you fail to do above process then this the only choice left.

Yes we need to use this browser if we regularly use the Facebook web version on the Android mobile because we cannot change settings of a browser all time for Facebook, it purely depends upon your wish which to choose, i always recommend to request a desktop site in chrome browser, this option is also available on the UC browser also.

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These are all the verified tricks, and 100% working if you have any problem in accessing the website, then please do comment i will try to help out. stay updated to tricks5.

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