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Gb Whatsapp Download links😎

In this article, You find the latest version of Gb Whatsapp Download, and it is better than Whatsapp plus links that we are updating every time. Do you know why many people use GB WhatsApp even though there are some apps like parallel space to run dual WhatsApp? Due to crazy to GBextra features. Check How to be always online on Whatsapp.

Gb WhatsApp latest version:  latest update 5.80

Features in Added in 5.80 Gb whatsapp:

  • Message scheduler (Can schedule messages on time Given )
  • Ability To Change fonts
  • Ability To send Multiple videos at a time

Download Gb WhatsApp 5.80 Latest version Direct link

Download 5.80 Latest version Now

Check Version GB Whatsapp 5.80😎

Note: You will be Directly downloaded from our  Secure Site(SSL certified)

Or Unlock to Download From Mirror Link

Check total Features at Gb WhatsApp

Here we are updating some new features of  GB WhatsApp 5.40:

  • New Base updated to 2017079 ( This is play store version)
  • In the old version, you may not able to set both status and stories but now you can do then perfectly.
  • Advanced option to read receipts.
  • Always online with GBWhatsapp.
  • Added New emojis.
  • Fixed Backup & Restore Feature (6.7).
  • Now you can upload high-quality videos and status in stories.
  • Hide view status privacy (Don’t tell to your contacts that you have viewed their story)
  • Other bug fixes.

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Features Updated in version GB WhatsApp  5.10:

Whatsapp plus download

  1. Video calls support
  2. Added launcher icons
  3. fixed elapsed time
  4. Set group name up to 35 characters
  5. bug fixes

Planning to use Two WhatsApp on one Mobile then check guide without parallel space and without root

Check Run Dual Whatsapp for both rooted and non-rooted Android devices.

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Features updated in GBWhatsApp 5.0:

Some features added in latest version are

  1. Elapsed time in WhatsApp instead of last seen.
  2. Option to make regular calls from WhatsApp instead of WhatsApp call.
  3. Added duration for online Toast
  4. Can send audio clip about 100Mb
  5. Farsi Language Translation emoji pop-up

Whatsapp download

and Some bug fixes you can find all updated version features & Check IMO For PC

Gb Whatsapp Download {Old Available versions}

Download Gb WhatsApp 4.81 old version direct download

Download gb whatsapp 4.81

Download Gb WhatsApp 4.91 old version direct download

Download GBWhatsapp 4.91 version

Download Gb WhatsApp 5.0 old version Direct link

Download 5.0 Version now

Download Gb WhatsApp 5.10 old version Direct link

Download 5.10 Latest version Now

Download Gb WhatsApp 5.15 old version Direct link

Download 5.15 Latest version Now

Download Gb WhatsApp 5.20 Old version Direct link

Download 5.20 Latest version Now

Download Gb WhatsApp 5.30 Old version Direct link

Download 5.30 Latest version Now

Download Gb WhatsApp 5.40 Old version Direct link

Download 5.40 Latest version Now

Download Gb WhatsApp 5.50 Old version Direct link

Download 5.50 Latest version Now

  • Whatsapp online Notification when your friend online

Download Gb WhatsApp 5.60 old version Direct link

Download 5.50 Latest version Now

Download Gb WhatsApp 5.70 old version Direct link

Download 5.70 Latest version Now

Final words:

If you have any problems in downloading GB WhatsApp, please let me know. I will update download links as soon as possible I don’t think this is going to happen because you are downloading directly from

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  1. Av download n installed d latest update of gbwhatsapp 5.40 on my HTC m8 BT after installation I open it n click on a contact to chat BT it always close n back to home screen , don’t know wht to do pls help.

  2. Comment:is giving me a hard time getting into it I have done every this but at final moment gets complicated and steps

  3. Please don’t tell me that this apk has Trojan
.. And also can you add it to playstore? Updated will be easy

  4. Mr. Prashanth,

    Mail me the link, because the so called link in your page is bouncing to previous pages. It says to unlock like us. I did it for Facebook, twitter and then it provided the button of download with the hyperlink of a hashtag as under:
    When I click on it, it takes me to the top of the page.

    Also you have disabled right click on the page so that one may not copy and paste the url to a different page and one stays on your page for a longer period.

    I think you are fooling people “Merry go round ” for getting more view to your page and in lieu people get nothing but you are getting your page ranking improved.

    Please revert.


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