How to make bootable pendrive for windows (100% Working)


Make bootable pendrive for windows

Hello guys, If you having a problem in making bootable pendrive don’t worry about it here I am placing a very good article and easiest way about how to make bootable pendrive for windows and how we can use it without any problem. We need to create a bootable pendrive of installing windows in your system without DVD/CD. You can use this bootable pendrive for installing in windows your computer. Online notifications for WhatsApp.

Many of you are trying to make a bootable pendrive for windows daily and not get succeed in that for them this article very useful. And it is because in all articles all are says about the run command to run bootable pendrive but no one directly explains about how to make it for windows and that method is very hard for a beginner to download it. Every user doesn’t get it and many of users get fail to download it because they don’t follow the command properly these are the small thing by which we can’t make bootable pendrive for windows.

What is bootable pendrive

Bootable pendrive is a just to install windows in your system using a pendrive, With the help of this trick you can make easy downloading using pendrive and operate it on your computer. Whatsapp for pc??.

To make bootable pendrive just follow these steps:

Here I’m placing simple and easy ways how you can make a bootable pendrive for windows and before using this method you need windows ios file. If you don’t have just download them. after downloading follow the below steps. Check internet speed.

Make bootable pendrive in windows 7,8.1,10

  • First, download the 1mb size Rufus tool.
  • Now open the Rufus file and you will see the complete description there about this.
make bootable pendrive
  • Now insert your pen drive to your USB system and connect it to your computer.
  • Now you can run your computer very safely and if you have UEFI computers and install it in there you should follow another guide. Check life span battery for windows.

For BIOS and UEFI computers(trick)

  • Select the option called partition scheme and target schema type for BIOS and UEFI.
  • Now select the next option called NTFC.
  • Nuvu selects the cluster (size 4096).
  • Now select the two passes for devices and bad blocks. Here is some simple trick and follow the steps. GB Whatsapp 2018.
  • Now just click a tic and the format option.
  • Now click on create bootable pendrive.
installing bootable pendrive
  • Now select ISO image. Select it from your computer.
  • And also click on some extended tables and icon files.
  • This is the last step to make bootable Pendrive and it will take a few minutes to finish the process and after finishing it now hit on short.

Final words:

The main reason for this article is to install bootable pendrive on your computer and it made very easy step what I have given to you starting in the article. If you have any problem with this article please feel free to comment below and may I solve the problem.


  1. thanks for uploading the valuable information about this. This article make my way easy then erlier i have tried alot. thanks alot


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