Reliance balance check (All Reliance USSD codes) for 2G, 3G, 4G Net balance

Reliance balance Check

Hello, Previously I already posted about Airtel USSD codes, Vodafone USSD codes, now we are with the latest codes, verified at each interval. These USSD codes are used to reliance balance check,  Start or stop value added services, and you can check what have activated services on your reliance mobile number. If you don’t know your mobile number and want to check it with USSD or without USSD code then check Reliance own number check.

You may check:

Check balance without USSD codes(Free 10rs signup bonus):

Check your balance without dialing a USSD code, USSD codes work on all devices,

true balance

Check balance, internet data and other with this app, so far this is the best method, it is time-saving and will help you. This is the best way to check.

Features Of Truebalance (USSD codes not required):

  • Just Drag down to check the balance.
  • No need to enter USSD codes.
  • Works with Dual Sim card mobiles.
  • It will work in background maintains history

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Reliance Regularly used USSD codes

reliance balance check

These are the USSD codes which are commonly used

Reliance balance check ussd codes, Find idea mobile number*367#or *1#
Reliance best offer check ussd code*129#
Reliance Internet Data (GPRS) balance check ussd code*111*1*3# or *111*2*5#
Reliance 2G Internet Data balance check ussd code*111*1*3#
Reliance 3G Internet Data balance check ussd code*111*1*3#
Reliance loan ussd code*141#
Reliance Internet Data Loan ussd code*141#
Reliance (Know) Own Number Check ussd codes*1#
Reliance SMS message balance check ussd codewe will update soon
Reliance minute balance check ussd codewe will update soon
Reliance main menu ussd codes*111#
Reliance to Reliance balance transfer ussd codeNo facility

Additional Reliance USSD codes:

Get free Airtel internet

I think you have already gone through the above USSD codes which updated frequently with the collection from reliance websites, Below are the additional USSD codes from reliance prepaid codes to check some services like reliance GPRS information

Reliance Main Account Balance Check Code*111*1*1*1# or *367# or *306# or *402# or *702# or *333*1*1*1# or *333*1*2*1# or Download App to check Balance working
Reliance Last Recharge Detail Check Code*111*1*1*2#
Reliance Mobile Internet Data Check Code*111*1*1*3#
Reliance Mobile Internet Loan Code*111*1*1*3# then Reply 1
Reliance My Activated Pack Check Code*111*1*4*1#
Reliance My Activated VAS Service Check Code*111*1*4*2#
Reliance My Activated Plan Check Code*111*1*4*3#
Reliance Best Offers Check Code*111*2*1*1#
Reliance Call Conference Service Check Code*111*2*2*1#
Reliance Call Divert Service Check Code*111*2*2*2#
Reliance MMS Information Check Code*111*2*3#
Reliance PUK Code Information Check Code (Only for RGSM)*111*2*4#
Reliance GPRS Information*111*2*5#
Reliance USSD to check Internet Balance Code*111*1*3# or *333*1*3*1# or *367*3#
Reliance USSD to Check Special packs*777#
Reliance USSD for Caller Tunes*999#
Reliance USSD for Free Net*123*099#
Reliance USSD to Check Packs Information*123# or *321#
Reliance USSD to Activate Caller Tune*999#
Reliance USSD to Deactivate Caller Tune*333*3*1*2#
Reliance USSD to Check GPRS Data Balance*367*3#
Reliance USSD for Missed Call Alert*333*3*2*1#

Reliance USSD codes for activating Services:

You may knowingly or unknowingly activate some services when you want to check what service activated on your reliance prepaid services are activated or if you wish to activate services by dialing USSD codes them go through the below table and learn what you want know.if you won’t find then please do comment below to help us adding more information

Reliance USSD Code for activating caller tune*333*3*1*1#
Reliance USSD Code for deactivating caller tune*333*3*1*2#
Reliance USSD Code to activate missed Call alert*333*3*2*1#
Reliance USSD Code to deactivate missed call alert*333*3*2*2#
Reliance USSD Code for hot news activation*123#
Reliance USSD Code for best seller activation*123#
Reliance USSD Code for cricket activation*123#
Reliance USSD Code for news activation*123#
Reliance USSD Code for sports activation*123#
Reliance USSD Code for movie masala activation*123#
Reliance USSD Codes for fun activation*123#
Reliance USSD Code for astrology activation*123#

Reliance services and Other Services (Reliance balance check):

Use these codes for checking reliance prepaid other services that may help you.

Reliance USSD Code for latest balance information (Reliance Balance Check)*333*1*2*1#
Reliance USSD Code for VAS balance check (Reliance Balance Check)*333*1*4*1#
Reliance USSD Code for local call balance (Reliance Balance Check)*367*2#
Reliance USSD Code to check 3G balance (Reliance Balance Check)*111*1*3#
Reliance USSD Code for GPRS settingsSMS ALL to 55100
Reliance USSD Code for Free Recharge*123*099#
Reliance USSD Code recharge scratch card*868# or *305* #
Reliance USSD Code Customer care number*333 or *369 or 198
Reliance USSD Code to Know own mobile number*1#
Reliance USSD Code for validity period*333*1*1*1# or *702#
Reliance USSD Code for Self Menu prepaid*111#
Reliance USSD Code for Self Menu postpaid*222#
Reliance USSD Code special deals and discount*789#
Reliance loan USSD Code

Also Read: 

Get balance with Reliance SMS

Send SMS to 55333 this a free SMS, in reply you get all the details you require. As we already know that these works for prepaid reliance only (Not verified with the post paid Reliance SIM)

Get list of VAS active on your phoneMYVAS
Reliance Subscribe for Reliance Caller Tune services @service subscription charges applicable and greet your caller with songs of your choice. To subscribe caller tune services.ACT CRBT
Reliance Deactivate Caller tune servicesDACT CRBT
Reliance Subscribe for Reliance Missed Call alert services and get details of calls attempted on your MDN when your phone was switched off/out of reach/not reachable.ACT MCA
Reliance Unsubscribe Missed Call Alert ServicesDACT MCA
Reliance Check Basic information about MMS ServicesINFO MMS
Reliance Check Basic information about GPRS ServicesINFO GPRS
Reliance Check Address of your nearest Reliance StoresGALLERY

Reliance own number check (Check reliance own number)

You can check reliance own number with the two USSD codes they are *1# and  *111# if you have any other network and want to check their mobile number then here is a USSD list with which you can check own mobile number.


If you think that we are missing some important codes, id didn’t get the USSD code that is required for you please do comment below to a solution.USSD codes work on all devices, these are the latest updated USSD codes and these works good. if you fail with any USSD code then comment below.

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