Send Blank Messages on Whatsapp (Updated 2017)


Send Blank Messages on Whatsapp

Have you ever thought of sending blank messages in WhatsApp,  you May think that you can’t send? But you can Send Blank Messages over whatsapp. It looks somewhat tricky but works.Send Blank Messages

Yes, you can not Send Blank Messages on Whatsapp but…???? Here is a solution to send blank messages to your friends or others with the tricks. Then how to Send blank messages in WhatsApp is just a simple LOGIC to send a message that sending a message that Whatsapp can’t understand.  Use hammer VPN to get free internet on airtel.

Here I will Explain two technique with which we can send blank messages.

You can also schedule whatsapp messages with whatsapp scheduler and other tricks know more.

#With No word app

Send blank Messages with No word app:

  1. Download and Install No word App from below.

Downlaod No word App

2. Open app.

3.  Click on Send on the screen.

4. Choose WhatsApp.

5. Send a message to the person to whom you want to send.

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# With NotePad Over PC

Using Notepad Over PC:

1.Open Note WhatsApp and give space there.

2.Copy file to your Android Phone.

3.Copy that blank space and paste that blank space in WhatsApp

4.Send that Message to the person to whom you want to send a message.

5. You are Done.


Follow above options if you face any problems in sending blank messages over WhatsApp. Comment below, I will try to help out. Keep visiting tricks5.


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