Uninstall BlueStacks Completely –Already installed


Even though we uninstalled blue stacks many times, it fails to Uninstall blueStacks Completely. As a result, we can not install BlueStacks again.It always shows blue stacks already installed even though you tried to install again it won’t allow installing again, it Looks so embarrassing and thinking What to do, No problem here I will explain how to uninstall BlueStacks completely to install Bluestacks again.

#Why fails to uninstall completely

Why Bluestacks fail to uninstall completely:Uninstall BlueStacks Completely

There are many bugs in BlueStacks as it is in still in development stage, No problem BlueStacks support team is ready to hemp regarding uninstall.

#Completely Uninstall

Step by step guide to Uninstall BlueStacks Completely:

  1. Go to control Panel >> Uninstall BlueStacks
  2. Clear all data from C drive
  3. Go to C drive >> Programs >> Find BlueStacks folder and delete folder totally
  4. After completion of deleting
  5. Go to CMD (Click control+R ro get Run box and Enter CMD in run and click Ok)
  6. enter regedit in Cmd and click enter
  7. Give user access control
  8. Then go to H_KEY LOCAl_Machine And delete Bluestacks folder
  9. Then Goto RUN and enter %temp% to Clear Temp Files
  10. Then try to install BlueSacks now it will install without any problems.\

If you face any problems, do comment below.

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Conclusion :

Do steps carefully, don’t delete other files, if you delete other files it leads to stopping working some drivers of the computer. As a result, you face problems I feel This guide helped you. Thanks for visiting keep visiting trikcs5.



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