Opera Mini handler tricks (Download direct link)(100% working)


Why Airtel opera mini handler trick

opera mini handlerHello all, We all want to get free internet access but how ?? There are some VPN tricks to get free internet by proxy,
and some are Handler tricks the most working tricks are Droid Vpn trick and Hammer VPN trick now I am going to discuss Airtel Opera Mini Handler Trick which is trending these days. If you are interested in using two WhatsApp in the same device, learn Run dual WhatsApp account on Android Device Rooted &  non-rooted.

Everyone started to search for free internet tricks Here is some solution with the help of Opera mini handler. Opera mini handler is a web browser which helps you to surf web & Download required files securely.

It is a Verified & Confirmed trick in Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, New Delhi.Hope that it will work other states too. Don’t get to worry regarding it’ll work or not If you have any problems with you can browse other internet tricks.

What is Airtel Opera Handler Trick?

Opera mini handler is a web browser which helps you to change and customise its proxy servers and header files. We are using some open proxy servers with which we can enable to get free internet. So, During this post, I will be explaining how to get free internet by changing its servers and getting the internet from open ports.

Minimum Requirements for Airtel Opera Mini Handler Trick:

  1. Android mobile almost all versions support this Apk (No root is required)
  2. Opera Mini Handler Apk installed in Android Device

Airtel Sim which Has Zero balance (Activating Zero rental pack helps)

Features of Airtel Opera Mini Handler Trick

  1. Works with Zero balance in mobile.
  2. Downloading Support.
  3. A good Internet Speed for browsing (3G)

How to Install and set up Opera Mini handler trick

Download Opera mini handler from below

Download opera handler apk

Enter child lock www.nextwap.net when you open installed Apk

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Settings :

Method 1:

Proxy Type: HTTP or HOST

Proxy Server: one.airtellive.com:8080/


Method 2:

Proxy type: Real Host proxy

Proxy server: buddies.airtelmoney.in in


Frontquery is : airtelgurus.in/cgi-bin/nph-.cgi/ihi/http/
Proxy Type: realhost
Proxy server: airtelgurus.in

Servers :

Primary Server: One.airtel.in/net

secondary server: One.airtel.in/net


This is the latest working trick of opera handler if you have any problem in downloading or creating APN or other problems, please make a comment you can check other free internet tricks and other money-earning apps and more at tricks5.com keep visiting for more tricks and tips.


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